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Legal Support for Business
Service provided in cooperation with a member of the Moscow Regional Bar Association, founder of the "Reliable Advice System" law firm
90 000 ₽
Срок оказания услуги:
От 3 недель до 3 месяцев
  • Protecting the interests of businesses and individuals.
  • Tax law consultation.
  • Company registration and legal support.
  • Support for M&A transactions in the CIS, MENA, and EU regions.
Marketing and Monetization Strategy
Development and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy: from intricate product research in the corporate software sector to enhancing sales for high-end real estate via Reels.
90 000 ₽
Срок оказания услуги:
От 3 недель до 3 месяцев
  • Initial survey, requirements and expectations collection.
  • Conducting product and market research.
  • Developing Unique Selling Propositions (USP), including Total Offer Value (TOV) and key communications.
  • Strategic and media planning.
  • Strategy formulation and execution of PR communications.
  • Reputation management strategy.
  • Creating sales funnels (B2B, B2C, B2G).
  • Comprehensive product branding, including brand book creation.
  • Content production based on a daily plan.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Budget and financial management.
  • Developing strategies for partnership networks and co-marketing.
  • Launch strategy for new regional markets.
  • Setting up sophisticated marketing analytics.
Audit and Digital Transformation
Enhancing profitability through internal process optimization, leadership training, and the deployment of essential IT solutions.
90 000 ₽
Срок оказания услуги:
От 3 недель до 3 месяцев
  • Auditing financial and business models, corporate policies, business processes, and employee competencies.
  • Methodological audits.
  • "AS-IS" model: Identifying operational weaknesses, risk analysis, process mapping.
  • "TO-BE" model: Reengineering business processes aligned with strategic priorities.
  • Developing a transition plan from "AS-IS" to the selected "TO-BE" model.
  • Implementing new procedures, training staff, including management.
  • Pilot implementation of necessary Information Systems with managerial and functional manager training.
  • Providing ongoing support and advisory to leadership.
User Experience Research
Testing product hypotheses. Identifying effective sales channels targeting niche audience segments. Exploring opportunities to reduce costs or capture new market niches by altering the USP.
  • Monitoring media and social networks (SML research).
  • Qualitative research: UX studies, in-depth interviews, focus groups, case studies, Customer Development (CustDev).
  • Quantitative research: Surveys, observations, social experiments, content analysis, user testing.
  • Developing Customer Journey Maps (CJM) covering all touchpoints.
  • Surveying managers and functional employees.
  • Implementing bespoke research methodologies to address specific challenges.
  • Preparing insights and showcasing their application in advertising activations.

AI Application Scenarios Development and Implementation
Enhancing the efficiency of specific processes or process groups through the integration of AI-based solutions.
90 000 ₽
Срок оказания услуги:
От 3 недель до 3 месяцев
  • Identifying critical processes for automation.
  • Designing practical AI application scenarios.
  • Developing and testing AI solution prototypes.
  • Training employees on AI tools and providing necessary support.
  • Establishing monitoring systems to gather data on AI solutions’ performance and their impact on operations.
* Based on valid process documentation, or based on the results of an audit of the organization's processes.
  • Adhering to ethical standards and ensuring data security when implementing AI.
  • Analyzing the outcomes of AI implementations for future scalability.
Startup Services
Comprehensive services demanded in the full-cycle startup incubation process.
90 000 ₽
Срок оказания услуги:
От 3 недель до 3 месяцев
  • Conducting regular trend-watching sessions.
  • Preparing investment projects for defense, drafting project documentation, and developing representational materials.
  • Thorough analysis of the market environment and competitor actions to develop or adjust competitive advantages.
  • Developing and validating product monetization models.
  • Conducting unit economics and financial modeling.
  • Developing financial planning and budgeting processes.
  • Implementing management reporting systems to monitor key performance indicators and respond to changes swiftly.
HR Management and Employee Productivity
Expert approach to developing a company's internal resources, incorporating a suite of expert methodologies: from forming a "bottom-up" strategy to implementing motivational programs and competency development matrices.
90 000 ₽
Срок оказания услуги:
От 3 недель до 3 месяцев
  • Developing a framework for setting goals and working with employee objectives and tasks.
  • Designing motivational programs and individual/group incentives.
  • Developing systems for evaluating and grading employees that minimize operational costs.
  • Conducting employee satisfaction surveys and working with eNPS, EJM.
  • Implementing KPI monitoring systems for business units, departments, and individual performance.
  • Career planning and development plans.
  • Corporate training programs.
  • Developing internal communication policies.
Bespoke Consulting
Personalized consulting is sought after by business leaders at the Executive and Senior levels, heads of product units, project experts, and functional managers in large companies, agencies, startups, small, medium, and large businesses.
Consulting provides individualized work in the following areas:
  • Evaluation and development of strategic goals
  • Audit or development of a financial model
  • Evaluation and development of product B2B \ B2C funnels, marketing strategy
  • Assessment of operational activities within the company
  • Audit of processes, identification of bottlenecks at the interface of different process groups (for example, between business clients and internal development)
  • Development of the "As-Is" (AS-IS) and "To-Be" (TO-BE) process maps including a transition plan and necessary action list.
  • Evaluation of expertise, activities, and measurable outcomes for individual teams and specialists, including management.
  • Handling a wide range of unique business challenges.
Nikolay Epifanov, EMBA, PMP
UniFi Agency Founder
Leading Expert
Personal work cost:
$ 250\h
Personal consultations may include coaching on goal-setting, detailed analysis of work cases, and improving personal effectiveness through mentoring in specific cases, upon request.
From 2005 to 2009, he worked at Nvidia in Moscow and Santa Clara, then worked at VimpelCom, Lazada, and other IT/Telecom companies as a portfolio manager for IT projects.
He participated in the program committee of the RIT conferences in 2011.
In 2014, at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, he headed the Department for the Development and Support of Information Systems.
His entrepreneurial activity is related to founding the game publishing company Creagames in 2014, whose games are played by 15 million registered users.
Since 2012, he has been in consulting, specializing in solving problems related to strategic and project management, auditing, and building corporate processes.
His current business is the consulting company Unifai, a client of which, in particular, is the Dubai Multi Commodities Center — the largest free trade zone in the UAE.
Alexander Zharikov
Managing Partner, COO, Methodologist
Leading Expert
Personal work cost:
$ 175\h
Winner of Red Dot Awards, Webby, Red Apple, Golden Drum, Epica Awards
14 years of practical experience in project management at: Nvidia, Yandex, MTS, Tele2
Expert and consultant in organizational development (process optimization, motivation, KPI), project management. Deep expertise in product management methodology: Financial modeling, unit economics. Additional specialization: UX, UI, customer experience, user interactions.
Author of unique audience research and competitive analysis methods.
AI from Scratch: Applying AI in Real-World Tasks
Develop practical skills in working with AI and neural networks for private and corporate groups ranging from 4 to 10 people.
$ 975
6 hours
Difficulty Level:
For beginners
Difficulty Level: For beginners
Preparation Level Required: Basic computer literacy.
Requirements for Workshop: Reliable internet connection and a computer.
Note: The program can be adjusted for larger groups.
Module 1: What is AI and What Tasks Can Be Delegated to It?
  • What is AI and how do people use it?
  • How can a neural network help solve my tasks?
Module 3: Practice Solving Real-World Tasks
  • Two groups work independently on automating their own tasks using the skills acquired.
  • Discussion of results and feedback.
  • Plugins and assistants (GPTs).
$ 975
Module 4: Homework and Further Work
  • Review of further steps for independent work.
  • Final Q&A session.
Module 2: Practice Writing Prompts. Why Are Prompts So Important?
  • Prompts: Theoretical part.
  • 360° interactive gaming session to study prompts.
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Major developer in UAE
Support for integrating a payment solution into the existing infrastructure of a large company.
The client chose a technical supplier for the payment gateway but lacks expertise in:

  • Conducting an audit of the supplied solution's capabilities to meet business requirements.
  • Controlling technical integration from the client's side.
  • Developing new business processes and procedures, as well as updating existing ones in technical, monitoring, commercial, operational, legal, and marketing departments.
Providing expertise in an in-house format. Support by the following specialists at all stages of the task:

  • PMO Representative
  • Development Team Representative
  • Business Analyst
  • Strategic Advisor
  • System Analyst
  • Technical Analystt
4 months
Active project phase
12 months
Support phase
6 people
Major developer in the Russian region
Marketing and PR Strategy Development.
  • Lack of a marketing team and relevant expertise.
  • Not using technological advantages in forming the Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • Absence of marketing communications.
  • Lack of marketing in the financial model.
  • Lack of a systematic approach and understanding of possibilities.
Forming a framework of works solving the task from scratch:

  • Initial survey, collection of requirements and expectations (AS IS).
  • Integration audit of company's process groups.
  • Market research, competitive environment, and product offerings.
  • Development of key messages to be conveyed to the target audience.
  • Formation of marketing strategy
  • Budget planning in Marketing and PR direction.
  • Execution of marketing strategy.
6 months
Active project phase
6 months
Support phase
8 people
Consulting on the request of creating a Betting Office
Forming a business model.
The client is considering creating a white-label betting office as an investment decision. It is necessary to assess the course of actions and feasibility under specific conditions.
Forming a framework of works solving the specific task:

  • Market analysis of betting services in Russia: research of competitors, demand, trends, and potential audience.
  • Analysis of advertising platforms and the capacity of the betting advertising market.
  • Financial forecasts and budgeting: determining expected revenue, expenses, investments, and profitability.
  • Derivation of key financial indicators.
  • Development of plans for attracting and retaining customers, including pricing policy and advertising activities.
  • Identification of legal and juridical aspects.
  • Plan for team formation and staffing.
  • Assessment of technical infrastructure.
3 months
Active project phase
Support phase
6 people
Economic zone in UAE
Development of criteria for conducting initial Due Diligence and a scoring system for assessing applications for residency from technological startups.
  • Presence of a large number of underqualified residents.
  • Lack of an approach to filtering residency applications negatively impacts the reputation of the economic zone.
  • Development of an audit algorithm and selection criteria.
  • Development of a flexible loyalty program for residents based on the results of the initial audit.
2 months
Active project phase
Support phase
3 people
Nikolay Epifanov
Lead Expert
Executive MBA, HIBS, London, 2017
PMP, Project Management Institute, 2012
Founder of Unifi agency
Co-founder of Creagames (15 million users)
Alexander Zharikov
Lead Expert
Winner of Red Dot Awards, Webby, Red Apple, Golden Drum, Epica Awards
14 years of practical experience in project management at:
Nvidia, Yandex, MTS, Tele2
18 years of practical experience in management at: Nvidia, Lazada, VimpelCom, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Tilipman
"Let me put it this way: one correct management decision based on work with Nikolay at Unifi Agency pays off the consulting costs incomparably."
Emin Aliev
Meta CEE
"I highly recommend Nikolay and his team at Unifi Agency for work on complex product tasks, especially in the field of marketing technologies and sales enhancement."
Sergey Yakovlev
Board Member of International Union of Lawyers, Moscow Region
"I recommend Unifi Agency as a reliable partner and a team of experts in their field."
Anastasia Yaroshevskaya
HR Director at X5Tech
"I recommend Unifi Agency as a partner for developing AI-based solution scenarios tailored to specific corporate tasks."
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